Buy Posnania Gift Card:

– At Posnania, at the ground floor Info Point and charge it with 50 – 4,000 PLN, paying by cash or card

– Online ( and charge it with 50 – 1,000 PLN

Get Posnania Gift Card for your employees and business partners

The Posnania Gift Card is a great way to award and motivate your employees. It is attractive for businesses in that the the card charges are exempted from the income tax, VAT and the Polish social benefit system (ZUS).

Employee benefits:

– Discretional amount of purchase – unlike in case of vouchers, your shopping is not limited by denomination; unused charge can be spent on another occassion
– Unlimited choice of gifts
– Unrestricted number of transactions
– Security – a lost or stolen card can be reported to the bank helpline and the unused charge is transferred to a new card

Business benefits:

– Charges covered by the company social benefits fund are exempted from the social benefit premiums
– The total amount of charges is a tax deductible expense
– VAT regulations do not apply to the charges
– Formalities confined to minimum


How to order the card
The card can be purchased in person at Posnania Info Points, ordered online or by filling in this form and emailing its scan to: If you place an order, we will issue an accounting note to the amount of charges – there are no additional fees! The note can be paid in cash or by card at any Posnania Info Point (in which case the cards will be available immediately) or by a bank transfer to the account number stated on the note. As soon as the amount due is entered into our account, we will charge the ordered cards and inform you how you can collect them.