• About Posnania

    Posnania is a unique place. It combines sales and entertainment while it facilitates active leisure and work. Posnania meets the requirements of modern lifestyle. It is a great enrichment to the everyday life of inhabitants of Poznań and Greater Poland.

Multifunctional Next-Generation Centre

Posnania is the largest regional centre in Greater Poland with the reach of almost one million people.

On 100 square metres, there are 220 boutiques, 40 cafes and restaurants and 40 medium- and large-sized shops. Posnania offers a unique combination of local and international brands, as well as individual concept stores of famous and renowned designers.

Moreover, there is a specially designed premium area with almost twenty premium brands selling clothes, accessories and jewellery.

An outstanding place. Check out our awards and honourable mentions

Posnania is a one-of-a-kind project with multiple awards won in the most important industry contests. Among many honourable mentions, we have awards granted by the President of Poland.