• About Posnania

    Posnania is a unique place. It combines sales and entertainment while it facilitates active leisure and work. Posnania meets the requirements of modern lifestyle. It is a great enrichment to the everyday life of inhabitants of Poznań and Greater Poland.

Multifunctional Next-Generation Centre

Posnania is the largest regional centre in Greater Poland with the reach of almost one million people.

On 100 square metres, there are 220 boutiques, 40 cafes and restaurants and 40 medium- and large-sized shops. Posnania offers a unique combination of local and international brands, as well as individual concept stores of famous and renowned designers.

Moreover, there is a specially designed premium area with almost twenty premium brands selling clothes, accessories and jewellery.

An outstanding place. Check out our awards and honourable mentions

Posnania is a one-of-a-kind project with multiple awards won in the most important industry contests. Among many honourable mentions, we have awards granted by the President of Poland.

PRCH Retail Awards - Best Shopping Center in Poland 2017

In 2017, Posnania was awarded "The Best Shopping Center in Poland".

ICSC European Shopping Centre Awards 2018

Posnania was the only Polish retail location to be awarded in the prestigeous ICSC European Shopping Centre Awards 2018 contest in the New Developments, Extra Large Centres category.

PRCH Retail Awards

A pro-sales campaign for the 2018 Retail Centre. Honourable mention for the "Posnania Airlines" lottery.

Breeam International New Construction

The prestigious Breeam International New Construction certificate with the "excellent" mark and the ISO 14001 certificate confirm the environmentally friendly waste management, energy efficiency, high transportation accessibility and the presence of facilities for employees and clients at Posnania.

Poland Eurobuild Awards 2017

Yet again, Posnania was awarded the best new retail centre in Poland.

Lider Dostępności (Accessibility Leader)

Posnania was mentioned in the Retail Location category. The contest is organised under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Poland. The jury grants awards to the most disability-friendly facilities.

CEE Investment & Green Building Awards - Retail Project of the Year 2016

The CEE Investments Awards Europa Property is awarded to businesses with outstanding retail results and the best retail performance. Posnania placed first in the "Projekt handlowy roku" (retail project of the year) category.

ICSC VIVA Best-of-the-Best Awards

Posnania's opening campaign was honourably mentioned in the prestigious ICSC VIVA (Vision, Innovation, Value, Achievement) Best-of-the-Best Awards. The opening event was recognised as one of the first 7 best retail marketing projects worldwide.

International Property Awards - Best Development in Europe 2015

The International Property Award is a worldwide mark of excellence and one of the most renowned real estate contests. Posnania won in the Best Development in Europe category.

ICSC Solal Marketing Award 2017 – Best Opening Campaign

ICSC Solal Marketing Awards are the most important and prestigious awards given to retail centres. Posnania won in the Best Opening Campaign category.

CEE Retail Awards – Best Shopping Center 2016

Posnania was awarded Best Shopping Center in Europe.

ICSC Solal Marketing Award 2017 – Best brand awareness & positioning

A year after opening, Posnania was awarded for the "IN POSNANIA" photo shoot by the world-famous photographer Szymon Brodziak, who took photos during construction of Posnania.

PRCH Marketing Awards – Best Opening Campaign 2017

Posnania was awarded for the most effective and interesting opening campaign.

CIJ Awards - Best Retail Development of the Year 2016

Posnania won the prestigious CIJ Award in the Best Retail Development category.

ICSC Solal Marketing Award 2018 – Best Brand Awareness & (Re)Positioning

Best Brand Awareness & (Re)Positioning is awarded to the most interesting campaigns that translate into increased brand awareness. Posnania was awarded for the "1 Urodziny Posnanii" (Posnania's 1st Birthday) campaign.

Art in Posnania


    Lucie is a sculpture of a 4-year-old girl, who is a symbol of the future. The positive message of this artwork is especially directed at young people. The bird accompanying Lucie represents the freedom to draw a new world and change it to a place in which young people would like to grow up.

  • BLOW – Elise MORIN

    “Blow” was created to connect with people spiritually, intellectually and emotionally by referring to the concepts of breath and complexity.

    All materials used to make this artwork come from the growing field of creative entertainment (sowing, DYI, etc.) and form a proposal to confront modern art with tradition. The piece – embroidered rims – consists of paradoxes: it represents both leniency and vehemence. Elise Morin, born in 1978, lives and works in Paris. The artist makes installations and videos referring to the evolving forms of the contemporary landscape.


    The little girl and the bird have grown up and are now flying towards the world she drew. This world is rich in diversities, as is the gallery through which they fly.



    Suzan Drummen has created a hanging sculpture for Posnania. It plays with the space architecture and stimulates our senses so intensely that we could drift off to our dreams.

    This Dutch artist is renowned for her large-format floor installations. Her works hypnotise with their complex, round patterns made of mirrors and bright, colourful glass. The layout of this artwork resembles a fractal. It consists of richly decorated, sophisticated rings that emerge from one another and bright, colourful rings that drive spirally into the surface of the floor. The patterns are made of crystal glass, chrome-plated metal, jewels, mirrors and optic glass.



    The Butterfly Effect is a phenomenon discovered in the 1960s by Edward Lorenz. He studied the impact of minor changes on long term weather forecasts. Lorenz found out that even a microscopic change in the input data can hugely affect the final result. He once said that, in favourable circumstances, a butterfly flapping wings in Singapore can trigger a hurricane in New York.

    In her piece, Nespoon wanted to capture various butterfly effects of individual consumer behaviours.


    The multi-sided cascade of flowers penetrates the space, immersing the viewer in a small oasis. This work triggers contemplation about the harmonic relation of humans with their natural environment. It is a metaphore reminding the contemporary people living in cities about their primary relation with nature. Flowers hanging from three plexiglass rims float in the void of a colourful spring dance.

    Marcela Lattanzio is a laureate of the Human Rights Award 2003 and Zingerelli Prize 2014. In her work, she focuses on flowers, human body fragmentation and natural elements such as the sky.


    Welcome to the oneiric Nebulae universe made of twelve diversiform pieces of rattan organza. Rattan is both an adhesive and flexible material and this opposition, combined with the aerial structure of organza allows for a play with the material by giving circumference to a form that is flat at first sight. Enter this airy dream where interstellar dust and clouds merge into floating organic forms.


    Hanging liane mobiles made by Tzuri Gueta are proof of the designer’s uniqueness and attention to detail. The work’s organic shape inspired by nature resembles tree branches. When observed from different angles, silicone thread and lace mobiles allow the viewer to enjoy little details. Tzuri Gueta, a Tel Aviv’s Shenker College graduate, is a textile designer and engineer. He moved to Paris in 1996. Growing up at the banks of the Mediterranean Sea, he had direct contact with elements of nature which he now translates into art.

  • CHANDELIER 2016 – Rebecca Louise LAW

    The cloud is made of thousands of flowers and each of them – preserved and interlaced into a copper cord – co-creates this permanent hanging form.

    Rebecca Louise Law is a contemporary British artist known for making artworks of natural materials such as flora. The physicality and sensuality of her works refer to the relation between humans and nature. This work evolves just like nature does – and becomes an alternative beauty concept.



    En attendant l’hiver is an art piece consisting of three hanging trees. They are made of crumpled, wrinkled and formed white paper. Thanks to small metal wires hidden in the branches, magnetic leaves stick to the tree.

    The trees were created in real-life size – from the roots to the top, uniquely levitating and slightly moving, which makes them stand out from the conventional image of a tree rooted in the ground.


    The lyrical and poetic travel through the values of Posnania: life, love, friendship and happiness. Valentine Herrenschmidt is a French sculptor and caligrapher: a caligrapher who carves words. She views words that move and guide her as pictures; she adapts their lines to give them a very unique written form and freely bends their curvatures with a wire in order to materialize them and revive empty spaces. In her work, Valentine Herrenschmidt sheds light on words that make life meaningful and immortalizes their priceless message by preserving them in metal forms. Every sculpture was hand made at the artist’s workshop in France.



    By this work, the artist wanted to create natural atmosphere with flower patels falling from the sky. The cloud refers to biodiversity and represents nature in a new and revived way.

    The French-Swiss artist, born in 1959, has been making sculptures since he was 15 years old. He studied in Brussels, under Roger de Jonckheere’s (the Prix Rome prize winner) patronate. Larroche is the successor of de Jonckheere’s atelier established in 1880. The artist enlarges, reproduces and restores sculptures using the same technique as Rodin & Carpeaux.


    Rotunda is a place where different paths and worlds meet, a place of escape and mental comeback. The figure leaning on a pillar is located in the centre of Rotunda. It escapes, deeply lost in thought and contemplation, tries to forget about the surrounding world full of strange voices and faces and relax.